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Justin "Tinoy" | 18 | MNL
Mapua Institute of Technology | BSECE

I like to sing, play music, take pictures, and watching movies and anime.

"Your LIFE is a SONG so sing it WELL..."

Pusong Musikero

The most bullcrap shit feces excrement final exam.

Start of exam is 8:10am and you need an access code in order to take it. of course our professor has the access code. The actual deadline of our exam is 8:50am which means only 40 minutes to answer all 60 fcking questions. It’s 8 fcking 20 am when she arrived. *whoa gurl. you slowfckshit* now, we only have 30 mins to answer the exam. which means we must answer 2 questions per minute and that only applies for those who have their own wifi or broadband stick for faster internet connection. AND WE DON’T HAVE ANY OF THAT SHIT. we’re only using the free campus wifi which is damn slow. 

And oh, she said that she will extend our exam until 9am. a lil’ bit helpful, yes, but she didn’t extend it until deadline. meaning that after 8:50am our exam was done. that’s it. my score was 10 out of 60 and I didn’t even make it to the half of the questions. she didn’t extend it while we were taking the exam. she extended it after 8:50am and we can take again the exam for second attempt but we must start back from the first question. like WHAT THE FCK. for about like 6-7 minutes we will answer a 60 item exam?! 

We asked if we could take retake our exam on Monday. and she said “NO”. we asked again if we could retake our exam tonight. and she said “NO”. we asked for the last time if we could retake our exam tomorrow, Saturday. and again she said “NO”. she was like Consuela in the Family Guy tv show. actually she kinda looked like that.

I took the chance of the second attempt for 6 minutes and I answered until the 18th question and TADAAA its 9 already the exam is no more. I got 10 out of 60 again. How very inconsiderate our professor is. ugh. this is why I hate online exams. 

Si Pon

  • mahirap huminga
  • kapag ung isang butas ng ilong mo barado, kapag hindi na ung isa naman barado
  • kapag walang tissue, yung panyo mo puro sipon, sabay punas pawis sa mukha
  • kapag may tissue, mukhang trashcan ung bag mo
  • kapag may quiz, mahirap magconcentrate kasi gusto ma-fall ng sipon mo
  • singhot ka ng singhot halos masinghot mo na ung nasa harapan mo.
  • menyo ngongo ka manyalita
  • mahirap matulog kasi mahirap huminga
  • siinghot ng singhot nalulunok nadin ang sipon
  • tapos magiging plema
  • tapos magkakaubo ka
  • tapos magkakalagnat ka
  • tapos magkakasakit ka na
  • di ka na makakapasok sa school
  • absent ka na
  • di mo alam ung lesson
  • babagsak ka.


did I ever tell you I used to read the welsh version of harry potter as a kid


"hogwarts’ fast train"

with such loveable characters as




and of course who could forget the four houses




and possibly the most dignified


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