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I like to sing, play music, take pictures, and watching movies and anime.

"Your LIFE is a SONG so sing it WELL..."

Pusong Musikero

One Piece Figuarts: Marco

It’s my first one piece figure, although it’s only a class A (the stand was supposed to be transparent and the platform also must have a name), it is good for me. since I can’t afford the authentic one. I was supposed to buy a Battle Ver. of Luffy but I saw this and yeah. 




Hiccstrid Parallels (2/?) 


omg I’ve always loved Astrid for this. She doesn’t just try and talk to him at a normal level, because she knows he avoids eye contact. He’s used of a life of people LITERALLY looking down at him, so he just escapes by glancing downward when he feels inadequate. But she won’t have it from him— she gets down ON HIS LEVEL and makes him look up. Makes him see what she sees: somebody worthwhile and worth looking straight in the eye.

How did I miss that?

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